Valuation Workbook. Step-By-Step Exercises And Tests To Help You Master Valuation + Ws

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A vital companion to the #1 best-selling guide to corporate valuation Valuation Workbook is the ideal companion to McKinsey's Valuation, helping you get a handle on difficult concepts and calculations before using them in the real world

For financial professionals and students seeking deep, comprehensive understanding, Valuation Workbook is an essential part of the McKinsey Valuation suite.

Fully updated to align with the sixth edition of Valuation, this workbook is an invaluable learning tool for students and professionals alike

Master value creation, value metrics, M A, joint ventures, and more Analyze historical information, forecast performance, and analyze results Estimate the cost of capital, continuing value, and other vital calculations Test your understanding before putting it to work in the real world Designed specifically to reinforce the material presented in the book, this workbook provides independent learners with the opportunity to try their hand at critical valuation skills, and helps students master the material so they can enter the job market ready to perform

There is no room for weak points, and excellence is mandatory

This workbook helps you practice, review, study, and test yourself until you are absolutely solid in every concept, every technique, and every aspect of valuation as demanded in today's economy

This workbook reviews all things valuation, with chapter-by-chapter summaries and comprehensive questions and answers that allow you to test your knowledge and skills

Useful both in the classroom and for self-study, this must-have guide is essential for reviewing and applying the renowned McKinsey Company approach to valuation and reinforces the major topics discussed in detail in the book

Valuation has become central to corporate financial strategy, and practitioners must be exceptional at every aspect of the role

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